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I'm Sylvia and this is a place for my lovely, yet unhealthy Sims addiction.

And Harry Potter, Avatar: TLA, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, and Studio Ghibli films are the bomb

"And they want me to move to Appaloosa Plains with them! Like, did they not think to tell their own daughter that they were going to move halfway across the planet?!”

Carla rolled her eyes. “Halfway across the country. And to be honest, I think we both know someone that left for the other side of the planet with hardly a second’s notice.” She eyed Shiloh pointedly.

"Okay, well, whatever. Maybe I shouldn’t have come back. You know I have way too many issues with my mom," Shiloh muttered.

"Hey, what the hell? It’s your first night back, right? Get out and have some fun, dumbass. I can’t have you running back to London again because things got boring.”

"Ugh, whyyy…"

"Okay, no. Dude, listen, tomorrow, I’m going to show you everything you missed around here for the past five years. It’s going to get your mind off things, I promise." Carla shot Shiloh with a winning smile.

Whatever. “Fine.”

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